The littlest one-percenters

A recent Thursday Styles section in the New York Times gave prominent display— including a photograph that took up at least a third of the front page—to two children wearing the latest preschool fashion. One wore a $375 Burberry trench coat from Bergdorf Goodman, a $180 kilt from Bloomingdale’s, and a $32 pair of Converse sneakers (how did they get in here?); the other girl wore a $1,200 Lanvin tulle dress and a $1,570 taffeta coat from Barneys, with $190 Rachel Riley flats. Over the last two years, the Times reports, Lanvin, Gucci, Sheila McCartney, and Marni have entered “the children’s market.” Gucci is offering a silk dress for $370. You can get it at Bergdorf’s.

Charles Peters

Charles Peters is the founding editor of the Washington Monthly and the author of a new book on Lyndon B. Johnson published by Times Books.