Livingston’s collegial approach to governing, however, is unlikely to change the GOP’s policies of the last four years. Livingston and Gingrich may differ in style, but on political issues they see eye-to-eye: Both are pro-business, pro-defense, and anti-abortion southern Republicans. And if Gingrich often seemed a man at odds with himself, Livingston has his own… Read more »

At Home Abroad

In the early ’90s, American foreign service officers could not get enough of Mexican President Carlos Salinas. They marveled at his free-market economic reforms and vigorous promotion of the North American Free Trade Agreement. They were pleased he had done away with the Yanqu-go-home rhetoric that had long been a staple of Mexican politics. When… Read more »

The Other Side of Henry Hyde

Even those who acknowledge the extremism of his politics – he is, after all, the author of the Hyde Amendment, which restricts federal funds for abortions – have tended to brush it off by citing tributes to Hyde’s personal charm from such leftish opponents as Rep. Barney Frank and Kate Michelman of the National Abortion… Read more »

Lipstick Feminists

That’s a hard thing for me to admit, and a difficult word for me to use. But over the last few months, I’ve been horrified to hear a soprano chorus of “lipstick feminists” crow over the exploits of Monica the Power Babe. In one recent New York Times op-ed, headlined “Monica Lewinsky, Career Woman,” Katie… Read more »

A New Prescription

If, as conservatives and liberals agree, the most basic responsibility of government is to protect the public safety of its citizens, then the failure to treat and train the 1.2 million alcohol and drug abusers and addicts crowding America’s prisons is the nation’s most egregious display of public irresponsibility. In America crime and alcohol and… Read more »

Love Potion #9.1

It has been six months since Pfizer pharmaceuticals unleashed its wonder drug to combat erectile dysfunction on an unsuspecting – albeit receptive – public. Since then, the news has been awash in stories of the sales records being set (4.3 million prescriptions in its first week), the gushings of satisfied users, the lamentations of besieged… Read more »

Sex, Lies, and Presidents

Thomas Jefferson also had his secrets. As a young man he attempted to seduce his neighbor’s wife, whom he was supposed to be looking after while her husband was away. And, of course, he may have had an affair with black slave Sally Hemings, though the facts remain in dispute. Over the course of the… Read more »

Too Well Endowed?

Often, it is the confluence of several news events that brings the real story into focus. Take the Feb. 18 press release on the results of the National Association of University and College Business Officers’ annual survey of school endowments: “Golden Era in University and College Endowments,” the organization trumpeted. “Institutions Hold More Than $150… Read more »

Sorry, Wrong Number

For the first test in the survey, I called the Alcohol Treatment Routing Referral Service of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. My ostensible purpose was to locate the facility nearest me that offers treatment for alcoholism. I thought this question could be easily answered by a hotline that… Read more »

Washington Monthly

The IRS wasn’t alone. In July, the Clinton administration declared confidently that our nation’s nursing homes were in fine shape; only 1 percent suffered any serious health or safety problems. Then the General Accounting Office released the results of an investigation charging that one in three nursing homes in California – a state with a… Read more »