Pull the Plug

Joseph’s HMO doctors had plenty of time to diagnose him correctly. He was examined immediately after his fall in an emergency room, the fractured rib was detected, and Joseph was told to see his primary care doctor the next day, Monday. But on Monday, Joseph’s regular doctor was not available. According to Joseph’s records, the… Read more »


In the Dirksen Senate Office Building a week later and several thousand miles away, Senator Jeff Sessions lit into Gen. Barry McCaffrey, America’s drug czar, and Undersecretary of State Thomas Pickering, for being doves on Colombia. It wasn’t enough that McCaffrey and Pickering had shown up to defend a Clinton administration plan to triple military… Read more »

Hunting the President

Gil Davis and Joe Cammarata, Paula Jones lawyers of record, werent the sort of attorneys attracted to the highly ideological Federalist Society milieu. But two of the young lawyers working with them, George Conway and Richard Porter, a former Dan Quayle aid who had joined Kenneth Starrs firm Kirkland and Ellis in its Chicago home… Read more »

The Federalist Society

On friendly turf now, Starr may also be projecting feelings of gratitude. For as Joe Conason and Gene Lyons demonstrate in The Hunting of the President (see excerpts on pages 17-18), Starr and the OIC benefited enormously from the efforts of a network of well-placed lawyers who, like Starr and other Republican luminaries, are members… Read more »


Despite this unusual foundation, Linux is booming and even beginning to challenge Microsoft’s control of the operating system industry. Linux may eventually pull the rug out from under the richest company in the world. It may not. But no matter what happens, it has already shown that money doesn’t have to make the world, even… Read more »

Don’t be Down on the Farm’

The question is of great urgency among U.S. farmers these days. Out beyond the prosperity of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the producers in America’s food economy are struggling for survival. The weather has been miserable. Prices for some commodities are at Depression-era levels. Imports are soaring, and giant agribusiness firms are squeezing out farmers… Read more »

W as Prince John. Scalia as the Sheriff of Nottingham

The story behind Bushs delays should challenge investigative reporters and historians for years to come. Don Van Natta Jr. and Dexter Filkings of The New York Times have already come up with some fascinating clues to what happened in Miami-Dade, where the recount was off, then on, then reduced in size, and finally, called off,… Read more »

Beyond Band-Aids

That’s what happens when your party tries to do health care reform and it blows up in your face. But these days, just five years after the death of the Clinton health care reform plan, universal coverage is back on the table. It’s not hard to see why. In 1994, the year the Clinton plan… Read more »

Medicine Wheel

Confronted by the same situation a few months ago, the same officer refused to leave. Explaining, “I need to talk to everyone else in the house,” he pushed in over the man’s protest and saw children crouched on the living room floor. “I wouldn’t have seen them before,” he says. “I had to be taught… Read more »

Whose Game Is It Anyway?

When John Crotty and Peter Lyons learned the National Football League’s New York Jets were being put up for sale this summer, they asked each other a seemingly naive question: why can’t Jets fans like us buy the team ourselves? The 30-year-old boyhood friends from New York decided to find out. They created a website,… Read more »