Abbie Lieberman

Equitable Funding: Which States are Leading the Way?

We can’t deny that money matters in education. It is extraordinarily difficult to provide children with high quality learning experiences without sufficient funding. Everything from school supplies to teacher salaries to transportation costs money. Ninety percent of funding for our public education system comes from the state and local level, mostly in the form of… Read more »

States Still Racing to the Top, But What’s Next?

As Education Secretary Arne Duncan prepares to leave office and the 2016 presidential election inches closer, it’s time for many of the Obama administration’s signature initiatives to start wrapping up. It’s been more than four years since the administration announced the first Race to the Top- Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant competition, and winners from… Read more »

The Perpetual Debate Over Targeted vs. Universal Pre-K

Anyone following 2016 presidential politics is probably familiar with Senator Bernie Sanders’s plan to make college free for students. While this policy is popular especially among left-leaning millennials, his primary opponent is not jumping on the free college bandwagon. Instead, Hillary Clinton recently countered that she is “not in favor of making college free for… Read more »