Abbie Lieberman

Tennessee Pre-K: A Lesson on Why the Early Grades Matter Too

[This piece is co-authored by Laura Bornfreund] This week, the Peabody Research Institute at Vanderbilt University released findings from a study of Tennessee’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Program (TN-VPK) that has created some unrest in the early education community. In A Randomized Control Trial of a Statewide Voluntary Prekindergarten Program on Children’s Skills and Behaviors through Third… Read more »

New Report: Building Strong Readers in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of a handful of states often recognized as a leader in public education, and for good reason. Minnesota students score well above average in reading and math on national and international tests. They are also more likely to graduate high school than students in most other states. The North Star State has… Read more »

The Challenge of Diversity in Pre-K Classrooms

Brown v. Board found that “separate is inherently unequal.” Research continues to come to the same conclusion. In fact, a re-analysis of a landmark study by James Coleman, focusing mainly on high school students, showed that “a school’s socioeconomic composition was one and three-quarters times more important than its students’ own socioeconomic status” in predicting… Read more »

The Power of One-on-One Tutoring in Early Literacy

Before coming into work this morning I made a stop at the Center City Public Charter School Shaw campus, like I do most Mondays. Down in the school’s basement is a small room with approximately 12 desks; the walls are covered with maps, colorful posters, and student worksheets. There are carts full of books and… Read more »