Abigail Swisher

Preparing Rural Students for College and Career

“We so often focus on the challenges of poverty in urban schools that serve almost entirely students of color, that we forget about both white and brown students living in poverty in our more hidden rural communities.”

Alaska Wants the Money Without the Oversight

Alaska Governor Bill Walker has a big decision ahead of him. On his desk sits a piece of legislation that, if he choses to sign, may have serious consequences for Alaskan students, not to mention students in states across the nation that may look to Alaska’s example. Legislators are waiting for the governor to sign… Read more »

Test Prep Doesn’t Have to Be a Waste of Time

In the popular imagination, testing season in American public schools is a time of anxiety, tension, and boredom for students and teachers alike; a time when learning stops and “drill and kill” test prep begins. But if you had walked into my classroom this time last year, you’d have witnessed something a bit different: A… Read more »