Adele Stan

Is CPAC the New Republican Party?

Editor’s Note: We asked Adele Stan, who blogs for Political Animal from time to time on the weekends, to give us a dispatch from the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Md., this week, which she covered for AlterNet. Among political reporters, the Conservative Political Action Conference is something of a venture into an… Read more »

Until We Meet Again…

As always, dear Animals, it’s been a pleasure to guest-blog for you. Thanks to Ed Kilgore and Paul Glastris for having me in. Tomorrow you’ll be treated to the musings of Elon Green. Until then, a few tidbits: * USA Today reports that some 650,000 people lost power in the storm not really named Nemo,… Read more »

The State of Our Union is Sexy

When President Barack Obama delivers his fourth State of the Union address this Tuesday, I gamely predict we will see more of the pugilistic, right-back-atcha Obama 2.0 who showed up at the president’s November press conference. He’ll likely lay out the case for forestalling the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester, that are due… Read more »

Tea Party Hatin’ on Rove

Of all the intramural competitions on display in this great land of ours, none is quite so riveting as the burst of bile between Karl Rove and the self-appointed leaders of the Tea Party movement. The lay reader of political news is apt to see this row as one that began with the announcement of… Read more »

Morning Mash-Up

I know I’ve got this a bit backwards, and should have kicked off the morning with a list of bulleted items, but I was so captivated by the possibilities of storm-naming that I got distracted. So, here’s a belatedly-delivered assortment of breakfast pastry that I hope won’t ruin your lunch. * The editorial board New… Read more »