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Rick Santorum’s Old-Time Religion

Rick Santorum, a proudly letter-of-the-canon-law kind of Catholic, was once a good bit more relaxed in the practice of his natal faith, according to a profile of the Republican presidential hopeful’s religious journey that appears in today’s New York Times. Reporters Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Laurie Goodstein attribute the hardening of Santorum’s religious beliefs to… Read more »

Obama Addresses AIPAC, Urging Caution on Talk of War Against Iran

As I write, President Barack Obama is addressing the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). (I had planned cover it live, but AIPAC denied me credentials for reasons its press people decline to share with me.) Given tensions with Iran and the rhetoric of the Republican presidential primary campaign, the… Read more »

***Rush Limbaugh’s Non-Apology Apology

The headlines have it all wrong: “Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Georgetown Student,” reads Politico, while the Washington Post puts this headline on an Associated Press story: “Limbaugh Apologizes to Student, Says He Did Not ‘Intend a Personal Attack’”. But if you look at Limbaugh’s statement about his three-day festival of hate speech, on his daily… Read more »

Romney Wins Washington State Caucuses and Cantor Endorsement

Well, that’s what I get for going out on a limb. Don’t you know, Mitt Romney not only won yesterday’s caucuses in the Evergreen State, he did so by a double-digit margin over Ron Paul, his closest contender. (Must have been that Ted Nugent endorsement.) Santorum appears to have come in third. CNN reports that… Read more »

Other Fish to Fry

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