Adele Stan

Helping Romney Win the All-Important Confederate Constituency

So Mitt Romney has an important new celebrity endorser: none other than Ted Nugent, of “Cat Scratch Fever” fame (and not any other hit song kind of fame). Nugent conveyed his endorsement yesterday via Twitter, reports Politico’s Burns & Haberman Caitlin McDevitt, after having what Nugent tweeted was “a long heart&soul (sic) conversation” with Romney…. Read more »

Santorum Can’t Win for Almost Winning

Today Republicans in the State of Washington will caucus in a contest that doesn’t award delegates, so based on that fact, I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Rick Santorum will win. Why? Because, in addition to his women-folk issues, gay-people issues, and Satan issues, Rick Santorum has delegate issues. Even when the… Read more »

Limbaugh Unfairly Attacked By Dems?!

Ordinarily, I love me some David Weigel. This prolific Slate scribe is not only one of the most insightful reporters covering the G.O.P. and its right wing, but also a terrific writer. Oh, yeah, and I like the guy. (Okay, Weigel suck-up complete.) But his post today on the backlash against Rush Limbaugh’s hateful and… Read more »

Your Mystery Blogger Revealed

Good morning! You were promised a Mystery Blogger, and here, I am, dropping my veil, so to speak. I’m Adele Stan, Washington correspondent for AlterNet, where I have the privilege of covering the presidential race and all manner of things. Thank you, Brother Kilgore and WaMo Editor-in-Chief Paul Glastris for having me back. It’s been… Read more »

***The Whitney Rorschach

When a big-time celebrity dies an untimely death, there’s an immediate rush in the media to apply lessons. This is especially true of those whose unravelling became the stuff of spectacle and speculation; consequently, this is especially true of Whitney Houston, whose funeral took place yesterday in Newark, N.J. I don’t mean to set myself… Read more »