Adele Stan

GOP Frontrunner Santorum: Obama Agenda Based on ‘Phony Theology’

Here’s the state of our national politics: The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination says that that President Barack Obama embraces a “phony theology”; that large-scale public education is an outdated idea, and that contraception is “not okay.” And let’s not forget his statement last month that he didn’t want to “make black people’s lives… Read more »

BREAKING: Where Abortion is Available, More Abortions Take Place Than Where It’s Not

Ross Douthat, the New York Times‘ conservative columnist, this morning brings us this startling revelation: In states where there are few restrictions on abortion, more abortions take place. Herewith: [A]bortion rates are frequently higher in more liberal states, where access is often largely unrestricted, than in more conservative states, which are more likely to have… Read more »

Romney Adviser ‘Self-Deports’ From Campaign

Mitt Romney, the once-“inevitable” nominee for the Republican presidential nod, can’t seem to catch a break. With Rick Santorum nipping at his heels in Romney’s native state of Michigan, where the state party will conduct its presidential primary on February 28, Romney was at least looking forward to winning the other contest that will take… Read more »