Adele Stan

Naming Nemo

Good morning, Animals! So good to be back with you, if only for a day, to once again examine the peculiar politics of our time — which these days includes atmospherics both figurative and literal. On the literal side, you may have heard something about snow, seeing as how the Center of the Universe —… Read more »

Farewell For Now

As your nation’s capital enters a frenzied week of inauguration preparations, I bid you farewell for now. Thanks so much for stopping by, and special thanks to the commenters. But before I go a few things bear mentioning, most notably Colin Powell’s appearance on Meet the Press, where he told host David Gregory that in… Read more »

The Hagel Wars

When President Barack Obama began floating the name of Republican Chuck Hagel, the former U.S. senator from Nebraska, to replace Leon Panetta as secretary of defense, the Washington punditocracy scratched its collective head, asking why would Obama pick a fight with Republicans over SecDef, when he had more important fights looming over the sequester and… Read more »

Tears for a Coin

That splat, splat, splat you hear is the sound of a thousand tears hitting the surface of lattes in the coffee dens frequented by Washington, D.C., liberals upon hearing the news that the Administration is ruling out the minting of a $1 trillion coin to prevent a stalemate on allowing the federal government to borrow… Read more »

Prosecutorial Overreach and the Death of a Genius

When the news first hit yesterday of the untimely death of activist and internet genius Aaron Swartz, people from the worlds of academia, journalism, progressive activism and the left-wing hacker culture sat stunned. That so many, from across this broad spectrum not only knew the 26-year old, but had been recipients of his legendary generosity… Read more »