Adele Stan

How to Talk Nice to Voters, and Other Sunday Morning Reading

Good morning, Animals! Time to fetch that latte and brioche, and settle into a morning of liberal heaven: Sunday papers and shows full of people talking politics. But before we get started, allow me to apologize for evaporating yesterday without so much as a by-your-leave, thanks to a technical problem with servers in a faraway… Read more »

Catch Washington Monthly on The McLaughlin Group

Watch our fearless leader, Editor in Chief Paul Glastris, this morning on The McLaughlin Group. To find out when the show is scheduled to air in your area, or to watch video of the show online, go to the show’s site, here.

Guns, Guns and More Guns!

A headline on today’s New York Times blares: Sales of Guns Soar in U.S. as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits (Well, the Times‘ trumpet blares through a mute.) Here’s some of the scariest bits, in Michael Cooper’s article — a piece that’s pretty frightening throughout: High-capacity magazines, which some state and federal officials want to ban… Read more »

Brunchtime Blues: Loudon Wainwright III

This performance, from the acclaimed composer of “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road,” (and featured in the aforementioned Moyers & Company episode) took place at The New Yorker in 2010. H/t