Adele Stan

Wake-Up Call

Good morning, animals! It’s so great to be back with you this weekend, thanks to the kind offices of Brother Kilgore. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having, here in your nation’s capital, what is known as a “slow news week,” something reporters are wont to whine about. What this actually means is that… Read more »

Until We Meet Again…

Well, Animals, it’s been another delightful weekend blogging for you, and I’m grateful to Ed Kilgore and Washington Monthly for inviting me in. I got a bit carried away, I’m afraid, with writing that post about Santorum and the U.N. treaty, so hence the late sign-off. I leave you with a few things worthy of… Read more »

Republicans Against People With Disabilities

If you expected Senate Republicans to have learned any lessons from the drubbing they took in the November elections, you’d have done well to have expected them to learn the wrong lessons. For instead of the humility one might expect from a party in receipt of a comeuppance, Republicans, at least those who fear primary… Read more »

Two Assessments of the DeMint Era and Its Aftermath

Reading right-wingers assess the Senate legacy of Jim DeMint, R-S.C., which we discussed at some length in yesterday’s post, is always amusing, if not so intended by the assessor. Here’s New York Times columnist Ross Douthat: This chapter — the DeMint chapter, the Tea Party chapter, call it what you will — was probably a… Read more »

In Michigan: Revenge of the Kochs?

Let’s say you and your brother are a pair of billionaires who reap your profits from the poisoning of the earth and whose daddy co-founded the John Birch Society — and you poured millions into the 2012 elections, only to see your candidates felled by a party led by a black guy who’s big on… Read more »