Alan Wolfe

The Ignoble Years

The betrayal in the title of Jack Beattys remarkable new book, Age of Betrayal: The Triumph of Money in America, 18651900, is the abandonment of black equality in favor of economic inequality. The era Beatty covers is an eventful one. It starts with the end of the Civil Wara war that represented a hideously brutal… Read more »

Why Conservatives Can’t Govern

Search hard enough and you might find a pundit who believes what George W. Bush believes, which is that history will redeem his administration. But from just about everyone else, on the right as vehemently as on the left, the verdict has been rolling in: This administration, if not the worst in American history, will… Read more »

Making Us Stronger

Making Us Stronger….By striking a blow against President Bush?s claims of unchecked presidential authority, the U. S. Supreme Court has enhanced the safety of all Americans. This is not, of course, what you will hear from the administration. In its view of the world, Americans face unprecedented threats from terrorists that can only be met… Read more »

Conservative incompetence continued

Conservative Incompetence Continued….When Dick Cheney fought like the dickens to prevent anyone from knowing anything about his 2001 energy task force, you might have thought ? I sure did ? that he wanted to keep secret the names of the high rollers he invited. Maybe, though, he had another motive: given how bad conservatives have… Read more »