Alexander Heffner

FDR as Preacher, Campaigner, Bon Vivant

Three new books fill in our picture of Roosevelt The Good Neighbor: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of American Power by Mary Stuckey Michigan University Press, 376 pp. Roosevelt’s Second Act: The Election of 1940 and the Politics of War by Richard Moe Oxford University Press, 492 pp. Young Mr. Roosevelt: FDR’s Introduction to… Read more »

Huntsman: Theodore Roosevelt’s Last Stand in the GOP

“Conservation is conservative. I’m not ashamed to be a conservationist. I also believe that science should be driving our discussions on climate change…We will be judged by how well we were stewards of those [natural] resources,” Jon Huntsman, the Republican presidential candidate, told reporters recently. “We have become great because of the lavish use of… Read more »