Alexander Holt

What I Learned from Donald Trump’s New Education Policy Video

Donald Trump released a new video explaining his proposals for U.S. K-12 education policy. As an education analyst, let my try to break down Trump’s nuanced views on education using every bit of information available in this video. Please watch the video before proceeding. I WILL END COMMON COREI will end common core. It’s a… Read more »

Louisiana Faces Worst Fiscal Crisis in 30 Years

BATON ROUGE, La. — On Sunday, February 14, Jon Bel Edwards, the newly elected Democratic governor of Louisiana, addressed a packed audience on the first day of a special three-week session designed to solve the worst budget crisis in the state’s modern history. Within the next four months, Louisiana must fill a $940 million budget… Read more »

Every Job is a “Public Service”

Emily Best is a 32-year old Pennsylvania farmer who wants a little help from the federal government. As reported in MartketWatch, Best believes that the work she does should qualify her for an extremely generous federal program that allows student loan borrowers who work in public service jobs to pay an affordable percentage of their… Read more »

Department of Education Will Scuff New, Shiny Object

Kathleen Murtagh/Flickr Today, the Department of Education unveiled a new initiative to use an experimental site to issue federal student aid dollars to innovative programs like bootcamps where students enroll in relatively short programs (often three to six months) to learn coding skills and gain high paying jobs. These boot camps, and other programs like… Read more »