Alison Gash

Adoptive gay parents win another Supreme Court victory (mostly)

On March 7th, the Alabama Supreme Court was dealt yet another blow in its crusade to strip gays and lesbians of their relationship and familial rights. This time, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the legal status of a nonbiological mother, known in court documents as V.L., who was embroiled in a heated custody battle with… Read more »

When it Comes to Custody Battles, Marriage Equality Still Has a Ways to Go

Caitlin Childs/Flickr Michelle Conover is no longer a mother—at least according to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Last month, during divorce proceedings initiated by Michelle’s wife Brittany Conover, the court stripped Michelle of her parental rights over their five-year old son Jaxon. Was Michelle an unfit mother? The court never inquired. Instead it rested… Read more »