Amy Sullivan

Why not?

WHY NOT?….A few days ago, Kevin posed the question of whether Democrats should bother talking about their faith if they’re going to get hammered over it, using as examples the problems some of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons have caused Obama as well as criticism of Hillary Clinton for her association with the conservative religious group The… Read more »

As I was saying

AS I WAS SAYING….Good lord. I always forget there’s no presumption of good faith (no pun intended) in the blogosphere. I should know better than to throw up a quick post, but let’s all take a deep breath and start over. I believe one of the reasons so many white Americans were surprised/shocked by the… Read more »

Discovering black churches

DISCOVERING BLACK CHURCHES….I had to disappear to write my piece for this week’s TIME on Obama and Jeremiah Wright–and now I have to run to the Hill for a live-on-CSPAN 2p.m. panel with E.J. Dionne and Michael Gerson on whether the religious right is dead (my short answer: no). But I’ll be back in a… Read more »

Just a Big Misunderstanding

JUST A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING….Thanks so much, Kevin, for inviting me to discuss my new book, The Party Faithful. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Like it or not, the U.S. is a religious country. 85% of Americans say that religion is “an important part” of their lives and that number hasn’t really budged over the… Read more »