Amy Sullivan

math and girls

MATH AND GIRLS….Interesting article from the front page of yesterday’s Wall St. Journal: In her 10th-grade math class, Frankie Teague dimmed the lights, switched on soothing music and handed each student a white board and a marker. Then she projected an arithmetic problem onto a screen at the front of the room. “As soon as… Read more »

deathly afraid

DEATHLY AFRAID….Now that Terri Schiavo has died, I’d like to raise a question–not a political question, but a moral one. I’ve been bothered by the way religious leaders discussed her situation and the way that the Pope himself has framed his own slow, painful journey toward the end of life. In both cases, the loudest… Read more »

no pills for you!

NO PILLS FOR YOU!….Kevin blogged about the “Pharmacists’ Rights” movement briefly yesterday and Ed Kilgore has a very funny post on the issue that is worth your time. But I want to pull back for a moment to ask whether there is any “there” there to this UPROAR/CONTROVERSY/CULTURAL WAR TO END ALL WARS. The Washington… Read more »

busy signal

BUSY SIGNAL….The Washington Post has a story today outlining the disappointment in the Native American community to the nearly radio silent response of the White House following the Minnesota shooting earlier this week that left ten people dead. By way of explanation, deputy press secretary (and holiday short-straw drawer) Dana Perino said that Bush tried… Read more »

and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

AND NOW THE MOMENT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR–GIRLS AND BLOGS….I’m still laughing from Katha’s post on male-centric blogs: “What a fine point Boygenius made over on! Thanks for the plug, NumberOneSon!” So perhaps now is a good time to add my thoughts on women and blogs to the mix. In theory, blogs should… Read more »