Amy Sullivan

now in special female-free varieties

NOW, IN SPECIAL FEMALE-FREE VARIETIES….While I still think there’s plenty to be done on the socialization side, I agree with Katha that our time here is probably best spent figuring out short-term solutions for women at the top of the spectrum (i.e., those who are already interested in opinion journalism, but find it tough to… Read more »

attn: women–please write for us

ATTN: WOMEN–PLEASE WRITE FOR US….Some readers have commented that it seems like Katha Pollitt and I are having two different conversations ? one about why women at the top aren’t as prominent as they should be (gender bias) and another about why so few women enter the field at all (self-selection). On that last point,… Read more »

a response to katha pollit

A RESPONSE TO KATHA POLLITT….Many thanks to Katha Pollitt for sharing her insight and thoughts on this topic. This promises to be a good week for discussion. And I think she and I mostly agree, although you wouldn’t necessarily take that away from the flavor of her post. There are indeed many terrific, talented women… Read more »

silent femmes

SILENT FEMMES….Two years ago, I had just started writing my blog when I noticed something odd: There didn’t seem to be any other women in the political blogosphere. Oh, I knew that there were female-authored blogs. But the big guys (who I defined as Josh Marshall, Eric Alterman, Tapped, the DNC, those high-profile blogs) bookmarked… Read more »

stop this man before he diagnoses again

STOP THIS MAN BEFORE HE DIAGNOSES AGAIN….I wasn’t going to comment on the Terry Schiavo case, mostly because it seems that any attention just feeds directly into what conservatives are hoping to achieve: a trumped-up culture war. (See Ed Kilgore’s comments for my general take on the issue.) But Senator Frist’s recent diagnosis—via a home-made… Read more »