Amy Sullivan

episcopalian (and other) sociologists

EPISCOPALIAN (AND OTHER) SOCIOLOGISTS….Fortunately for my friend Ed Kilgore, who yesterday expressed “an overpowering urge to attend the next major conference of sociologists within commuting distance to seek out its Episcopalian subgroup,” the Eastern Sociological Society’s annual conference is going on right this very moment in downtown D.C. If you’re just learning about it now,… Read more »

whither the religious left?

WHITHER THE RELIGIOUS LEFT?….The question may not interest or disturb many people, but it should. We’ve already discussed the perfect storm that led to the nearly-inevitable rise of the Religious Right. But I’d argue that religious conservatives would never have become as powerful as they now are if their rise had been checked by anything… Read more »

selective Bible reading

THOU SHALT NOT END LATE FEES….Others can tackle the substance of the bankruptcy bill. I’m here to find the religious angle in every conceivable policy story. According to Chuck Grassley’s hometown paper, the Des Moines Register, a national group of Christian lawyers is broadcasting its opposition to the bill on religious grounds: “As Christian attorneys,… Read more »

whose “values”?

I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS….Yesterday’s Washington Post headline on a story about Judge Terrence Boyle’s confirmation hearing first caught my eye, then utterly confused me, and finally reminded me that I wanted to write about my latest pet peeve: the seemingly reckless way in which terms like ‘values’ and ‘religion’ and ‘morals’ are… Read more »