Amy Sullivan

faith-based vacuum

FAITH-BASED VACUUM…Less noticed during all the comings and goings over at the White House this week was the resignation of Jim Towey, who has run the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the past five years. Towey is a good man–he is perhaps one of the only people in government, Democrat or Republican, who… Read more »

weekend basketblogging

WEEKEND BASKETBLOGGING….If you haven’t gotten enough of basketball via my intermittent blogging on the topic over the course of the season, boy, do I have good news for you: This week on Blogging Heads TV, Matt Yglesias and I discuss the Washington Wizards, the NBA playoffs, and Larry Brown (in addition to Iran, immigration, and… Read more »

growing less lame by the minute

GROWING LESS LAME BY THE MINUTE!….Okay, it’s not exactly the best rallying cry, but I’m still giving it away, free of charge, for Democrats to use as their campaign slogan. Kevin got some grief last week for arguing that the immigration bust-up could be attributed to wily Democratic manuevers. But today’s Washington Post confirms his… Read more »

knee-jerk reactions

KNEE-JERK REACTIONS….I’m on deadline, so don’t have time to respond in full to the feverish debate that has been taking place over the past few weeks about religion and politics. But since my name has been invoked/cursed in many of those conversations, I do want to address the reaction to an offhand comment I made… Read more »


HUCKAWHO?….If you’re still wondering who Mike Huckabee is and whether he really could be the Republican dark horse candidate for 2008, you’ll want to read this profile by the Arkansas Times’ Warwick Sabin. My favorite quote: Huckabee?s most notable disadvantage is that he is relatively unknown outside of Arkansas, unlike some of the other possible… Read more »