Amy Sullivan

basketblogging, pistons edition

BASKETBLOGGING, PISTONS EDITION….As we head into my three favorite weeks of the year, a brief comment on the NBA. Matt Yglesias thinks that Eastern Conference teams would prefer an early playoff match-up against New Jersey and then Miami instead of Cleveland, followed by Detroit. After watching the Wizards blow out my hometown Detroit Pistons by… Read more »

pointless prognostication

POINTLESS PROGNOSTICATION….‘Tis the weekend, apparently, for spouting off about who the eventual GOP nominee will be in 2008. I usually try to abstain from this things, mostly because: a) I don’t know, and b) I don’t think anyone else knows. Still, the idea that “Huckabee, Hagel, Brownback, and Graham” (Graham? Lindsay Graham??) are the guys… Read more »

o’connor smacks down gop

O’CONNOR SMACKS DOWN REPUBLICANS….Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor gave a speech yesterday at Georgetown in which she slammed Republicans–singling out Tom DeLay and John Cornyn–for undermining the judiciary. (You can listen to NPR coverage of the speech here.) She quoted DeLay’s attacks on the court during Justice Sunday, and then turned on the… Read more »

christian charity

CHRISTIAN CHARITY….This story hasn’t gotten a ton of attention, but on Ash Wednesday last week, LA’s Cardinal Mahoney declared that if Congress passes legislation to criminalize the act of offering support to an illegal immigrant, he will instruct his priests and Catholic parishioners to ignore the law. The Republican sponsors of the bill say that… Read more »

basketblogging, college edition

BASKETBLOGGING, COLLEGE EDITION….Those of you out in Washington state will have to help me out because I just watched the Loyola Marymount-Gonzaga game and just don’t understand what the fuss over Adam Morrison is all about. Setting aside his truly horrendous facial hair and the fact that he sounds like kind of a tool based… Read more »