Amy Sullivan

help wanted

HELP WANTED….Our founding editor, Charlie Peters, often bemoans the feeble grasp of history that plagues most everyone under the age of 50, and particularly the editors he has nurtured over the past few decades. When he sat down to write his latest book, Five Days in Philadelphia, he hoped to bring at least one crucial… Read more »

“Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter in Texas”

“CHENEY ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTS FELLOW HUNTER IN TEXAS”….I tried to write my own headline, but, really ? how do you top this? Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and injured a man during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, his spokeswoman said today. Harry Whittington, 78, was “alert and doing fine” [although still hospitalized] after… Read more »

basketblogging: weekend edition

BASKETBLOGGING: WEEKEND EDITION….There are truly few things that can make me as happy as a good basketball game. Last night we saw the Wizards beat the Cavaliers 101-89 in a less-competitive-than-expected match-up. It was my first time watching LeBron James and although I’m not disputing that he’s incredibly talented, he was awfully human last night…. Read more »

A Proper Burial?

A PROPER BURIAL?….I don’t have much time to comment on this right now, but I feel the need to say how absurd and ridiculous the whole debate about Mrs. King’s funeral is. I was on “Scarborough Country” to argue about it last night (you can see the shout-fest here), but I figured this was just… Read more »

Mo Town

MO TOWN….I don’t have much interest in this year’s Super Bowl (being mostly a basketball and college football girl), but I have been curious to see how my (kind-of) hometown Detroit handles hosting duties. A few years ago, it seemed like the incentive of hosting both the MLB All-Star game and the Super Bowl within… Read more »