Amy Sullivan

hope and prayer

HOPE AND PRAYER….I haven’t known what to write about the abduction of reporter Jill Carroll in Iraq two weeks ago, and I still don’t. But I want to send our thoughts and prayers to her family, particularly her mother ? and my high school English teacher ? Mary Beth Carroll, who appeared on CNN this… Read more »

who speaks for evangelicals?

WHO SPEAKS FOR EVANGELICALS?….Atrios wants to know who, if not Pat Robertston or Jerry Falwell, should be thought of as a spokesperson for evangelicals, or at least someone evangelicals themselves think of as a leader. It’s a good question, and one that I wish more tv bookers would ask. I need the caveat, of course,… Read more »

nutcase theology

NUTCASE THEOLOGY….I try not to comment on all of the ridiculous things that come out of Pat Robertson’s mouth because 1) he’s a moonbat who seems to be reading a very different translation of the Bible than I am, and 2) most evangelicals, even conservative ones, don’t think of him as a spokesperson who represents… Read more »

fine young man

FINE YOUNG MAN….Condolences to Kevin and the USC Trojans, but what a game! Much as I hate to see a victory go to the president’s favorite team and that dreadful hook ’em horns sign, Texas pulled out a heart-stopper of a win. Tied for MVP in my mind are Vince Young and his offensive line…. Read more »

basket-blogging follow-up

BASKET-BLOGGING FOLLOW-UP….“Butler Starts, Wizards Finish.” Also, Antawn Jamison’s shooting slump ends. Coincidence? Not from where we’re sitting.