Amy Sullivan

One in an Occasional Series of Basket-Blogging

ONE IN AN OCCASIONAL SERIES OF BASKET-BLOGGING….I can’t let Jason Zengerle and Matt Yglesias dominate the field of political-journalists-who-blog-about-basketball. And I certainly can’t let our hometown Wizards’ current streak of tough losses in close games go without comment. Especially when they just lost to a team that boasts Steve Blake–Steve Blake!–as its starting point guard…. Read more »

where in the world is the washington monthly?

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE WASHINGTON MONTHLY?….The physical offices of The Washington Monthly (as opposed to the cyber-office here at Political Animal) are in the process of moving a few blocks away to 1319 F Street NW. This means we’re leaving behind our old budget office–which was itself a step up from our older,… Read more »


INTERESTING….“Virginia Governor Commutes Death Sentence.” Seems someone else will be the lucky one to oversee the 1000th execution since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976. This could be seen as Warner’s last significant action as governor or first as presidential candidate. Compare with Bill Clinton and the execution of mentally ill Ricky Ray Rector. Something… Read more »

Ethiopia…Who Knew?

ETHIOPIA…WHO KNEW?….Thought I should mention that right now, a few thousand Ethiopians are conducting a protest march around the White House (and, consequently, under our windows as well), pretty much shutting down traffic for six or seven blocks. The consensus here in the office is that it’s nice to see a focused march for once…. Read more »


BASKETBLOG…I just want to thank Kevin’s LA Lakers for taking Kwame Brown off our hands over the summer. To be perfectly honest, after four years of Kwame’s excellent attitude and dedication, the Wizards probably would have traded him in exchange for a piece of stale bread. So getting Caron Butler in the deal was just… Read more »