Amy Sullivan

bush’s war on faith, part 2

BUSH’S WAR ON FAITH, PART 2….For more on All Saints, the church that’s being targeted by the Bush IRS, go to the church’s website, where you can read the sermon that supposedly prompted the IRS action, and all of the documentation involved in the investigation. There is no blanket ban on political speech in houses… Read more »

not so fast

NOT SO FAST….The big intelligent design story in the news today is the Kansas State Board of Education’s decision to approve statewide science standards that cast doubt on evolution. More important, however, was what happened at the polls in Dover, Pennsylvania. In that small, relatively conservative Pennsylvania town, voters booted all eight Republican pro-intelligent design… Read more »

faith indeed

FAITH INDEED….The post-mortems of yesterday’s elections will continue, but already one of the conclusions forming about Tim Kaine’s victory in Virginia is that it shows how a religious Democrat can neutralize the recent Republican advantage on cultural issues and character. Kaine talked about his faith consistently, starting from the very beginning of his campaign. He… Read more »

Bush’s war on people of faith

BUSH’S WAR ON PEOPLE OF FAITH….Today we learn that Bush’s IRS is investigating a prominent liberal Episcopal church because of a sermon last fall in which the minister condemned Bush’s policy in Iraq. (No word on whether the agency is also going after the Baptist church that kicked out members who voted for John Kerry…. Read more »

no communion for judges, part 2

NO COMMUNION FOR JUDGES, PART 2….Ramesh Ponnuru and Stephen Bainbridge both take umbrage at my suggestion that Catholic judges might be vulnerable to the same sort of pressure that Catholic politicians are. Of course, saying that the two of them disagree with me is about as remarkable as saying that the sky is still blue,… Read more »