Amy Sullivan

no communion for judges?

NO COMMUNION FOR JUDGES?….It didn’t take long after the Alito nomination was announced for people to figure out that his confirmation would lead to a 5-4 Catholic majority on the Supreme Court. I don’t think that really matters in terms of how the Court would rule. But it does put the Catholic Church in a… Read more »

tim kaine’s test of faith

TIM KAINE’S TEST OF FAITH….Garance Franke-Ruta commented yesterday on the ads here in the D.C.-area for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine’s campaign, noting that Kaine has responded to attacks on his anti-death penalty position by taking a page out of the GOP playbook and putting his faith–Catholic–front and center. “My faith teaches that life… Read more »

“the scandals finally break”

“THE SCANDALS FINALLY BREAK”….Abramoff. DeLay. Rove. Plame investigation. Katrina investigation. Armstrong Williams investigation. I know I’m missing others, but you get the idea. Kevin’s far too modest to point this out himself, but he predicted all of this (at least the general storyline) more than a year ago: “What do we have to look forward… Read more »

galston and kamarck, revisited

GALSTON AND KAMARCK, REVISITED….Last week, Kevin posted a tough critique of the Galston/Kamarck paper on polarization, and was, predictably, chastised for not being tough enough. In response, he wrote another item that defended the paper without actually saying so. You can read a more straight-forwardly positive take on Galston/Kamarck in David Broder’s column this morning…. Read more »

drawing conclusions

DRAWING CONCLUSIONS….I try to limit my consumption of Fox News programming to reading transcripts–and only then on a very infrequent basis. But even in fairly harmless written form, Bill O’Reilly’s rant on Wednesday about “anti-Christian bias” managed to raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels. According to O’Reilly, liberals who assume that Harriet Miers is… Read more »