Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan is a Chicago-based journalist who has written about religion, politics, and culture as a senior editor for Time, National Journal, and Yahoo. She was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2004 to 2006.

managing teachers, part ii

WHO JUDGES TEACHERS?….Kevin asked below who would evaluate teachers in a system that rewarded effective teachers with merit pay. One solution that many school districts have turned to is hiring outside evaluators to provide more objective assessments of their teachers. Who are these evaluators? Well, with a growing number of districts looking to cut costs… Read more »

making it official

MAKING IT OFFICIAL….Newsweek reports that chief White House speechwriter Michael Gerson (who is moving on to advise Bush on policy) is expected to be replaced by Wall Street Journal editorial-page writer William McGurn. [Insert “And that’s different from what he’s been doing, how?” joke here.] I’m not aware of any policy expertise that Gerson has–this… Read more »

the war on christmas

KEN MEHLMAN HATES CHRISTMAS!….I was about to delete the mass email from Ken Mehlman this morning without reading it (The “We’re bringing the Inauguration to you!” subject line was too depressing, especially since I can see inauguration parade preparations from my office window as it is…) But, boy, I’m glad I did, because now I’m… Read more »

Fire the Consultants

In addition to his job at the DSCC, Hansen was also a partner in the direct mail firm of Ambrosino, Muir & Hansen. His sales pitch must have been effective–Democrats in nine of the closest Senate contests in 2002 signed up with Hansen, including Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire, Max Cleland in Georgia, and Alex… Read more »