Andrew Rudalevige

What Will Mitt Do?

It’s now several days after the election, and thus time for a new spate of speculation (e.g., here, here, here) about who might serve in the second term Obama cabinet. One hot prospect is White House chief of staff (and former OMB director) Jacob Lew heading over to the Treasury Department. Will Hillary leave? Will… Read more »

First Responder-in-Chief, 1965 Edition

Thanks to Will Nelligan for alerting me to this— Kent Germany of the University of Virginia’s Miller Center has produced an on-line exhibit giving – thanks to Lyndon Johnson’s proclivity for taping his telephone conversations – a fascinating view into LBJ’s response to Hurricane Betsy, a Category 4 storm which made landfall in New Orleans… Read more »

Arlen Specter and “Moderation”

Longtime senator Arlen Specter (R, er, D-PA) has died and is being largely lionized as a man of the now-missing middle. As one such headline suggests, “Centrist Sen. Specter Died Fighting for Moderation.” But my colleagues have not shown a lot of love (see here and here, for instance) for various paeans to self-described independent… Read more »

George W. Bush Takes Up Painting

No, really. Politico says so.  Apparently mostly dogs and Texas landscapes. If you want a presidency studies spin, all I’ve got is that Dwight Eisenhower enjoyed painting too, as you can see below. Some of his finished efforts can be viewed here, along with analysis thereof by the British TV art critic (and nun) Sister… Read more »