Andrew Sabl

Syria and the Lessons of Iraq

Apparently, the Obama administration is set to send weapons to the Syrian rebels. The New York Times article reporting that implies that this may be too little, too late if our plan is to prevent a military victory by Assad. To do that, we’d have to take out lots of Syria’s airstrips. All this is… Read more »

Benghazi—An Honest Plea for Specific Charges

Wednesday’s hearings over Benghazi (or as Ed Kilgore is fond of calling it to stress conservative hype, Benghazi!) seem to have been a big nothingburger in terms of actual scandal. As Steve Benen puts it, Eight months after the attack itself, I know Republicans think there’s been a cover-up, but I haven’t the foggiest idea… Read more »

Conservatives on Gay Marriage: How Will They Continue to Oppose it?

I’ve been thinking, since he posted it, about Jonathan Chait’s piece several days back regarding the anti-marriage-equality movement’s swan song. Alertly noting the tone of elegy and self-pity in Maggie Gallagher’s latest musings on her political activity, Chait wrote: The surest sign of resignation is that Gallagher has redirected her focus from stopping gay marriage… Read more »

The Republicans’ “Serious” Offer, in One Chart.

Confused about what exactly the GOP’s latest fiscal offer includes? Wondering whether it might not be some sort of conservative-Democratic proposal from Erskine Bowles, in spite of not being Simpson-Bowles, nor proposed by Bowles, nor endorsed by Bowles? Steve Benen has come to our aid: That pretty much does it. The one thing I disagree… Read more »

UC Survives: Prop. 30 Passes (Fairly Easily)

Proposition 30, the initiative that temporarily raises taxes so that—among other nice things—the schools won’t have to shutter themselves for a month and UC can remain a very good (though no longer great) university, has passed. In the end it wasn’t even all that close (pace a hand-wringing liberal blog post that seems to have… Read more »