Andrew Sabl

The Message of the Election: Some Good Deeds Go Unpunished

Standing out among the mainstream media’s determination to echo the standard Republican talking point that only GOP election victories actually count, Steve Benen nails the election’s real significance: Had Obama come up short, the immediate threats to key public policies would have been significant, but the more sweeping consequence would have been the lasting damage… Read more »

Who Still Regards Their Votes as Secret?

About half an hour ago I was eating lunch (outside: this is L.A.) and overheard two female undergraduates talking about heading to the polls. One asked the other, “how are you voting?” The reply, with a smile: “none of your beeswax!” The answer seemed unusual–not unheard-of, and when said with a smile not offensive, but… Read more »

“A New Reality, an Old Infrastructure”

Earlier today New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a press conference (no video or transcript yet, but I’ll be happy to provide it later if I can find it) again gave a version of the line I’ve been hearing from him since last night: “We have a new reality, in terms of weather patterns, but… Read more »

How Obama Just Won Ohio: Moderate Isolationism

In 2004, John Kerry said in his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, we shouldn’t be opening firehouses in Baghdad and shutting them in the United States of America. The line got huge applause. Christopher Hitchens noted and feared this, calling it “one of the sourest and nastiest and cheapest notes to have been struck… Read more »

Snarky Campaign Slogan Contest

My friends at The Democratic Strategist have for a while now been running at the top of their home page a picture of an Etch-a-Sketch containing the words, “Romney: you may not agree with what he says but you can trust him to deny he ever said it.” That’s good. And it’s the kind of… Read more »