Andrew Sabl

Wealth, Virtue, and Political Status

Alec MacGillis’s article on why hedge fund managers have turned fiercely against President Obama has deservedly gotten a lot of attention (see the commentary from Rich Yeselson). I take MacGillis’ main point to be that hedge fund managers’ fury is based more on self-image than on self-interest. It’s not just that the hedge fundis resent… Read more »

The Climate Conspiracy Explained in One Graphic

“Climate conspiracy, meet Occam’s razor.” In a tweeted graphic with that headline, Brooke Jarvis pretty much renders further words on the former, and further illustrations of the latter, irrelevant: Via (by way of another blog but I lost track of which) [Cross-posted at The Reality-Based Community]

Simple Debate Question

After reading a transcript of the Republican debate last night, I think the media should ask a very simple question: “Leaving aside questions of government policy and abortion, do you personally think that the invention of effective birth control technologies—condoms, the pill, diaphrams—has been a good thing for society?” (I’ve phrased that to leave out… Read more »