Anne Hyslop

The Case Against Exit Exams

Students today cannot afford to be high school dropouts any more than they can afford to enter college and the workforce unprepared. Luckily, the transition to college- and career-ready standards across the country offers states the opportunity to fully reimagine how they can best ensure students not only graduate from high school, but do so… Read more »

In Jindal’s Common Core Fight, Policy Should Matter Just as Much as Politics

Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal is waging a lonely crusade to rid the Pelican State of the Common Core State Standards. The Louisiana state legislature supports the standards and has blocked bills to undermine them. The state Board of Education backs the standards. And perhaps most importantly, the state’s Education Superintendent, John White, has repeatedly… Read more »

Dear Indiana, Love Arne: Is Waiver Oversight at a Turning Point?

UPDATED When the U.S. Department of Education (ED) notified Washington state that it would lose its NCLB waiver this fall, I questioned whether the Evergreen State should be alone in facing the prospect of re-compliance with the zombie federal law. Obviously, Washington could not deliver on the teacher evaluation system it promised, but other states… Read more »

Night of the Living Fed(eral Education Law)

Yesterday, Washington became the first state to lose its waiver from No Child Left Behind. The undead law has claimed its first victim: after failing to keep its waiver promises around teacher evaluation reform, the Evergreen state must again comply with all the provisions of a zombie NCLB this fall. With NCLB reauthorization unlikely in a polarized Congress, the… Read more »

Washington State’s Waiver Woes? Meet the Ex-Waiver-Waiver

Last week, Washington state legislators left Olympia without approving any changes to its teacher evaluation law—changes essential for extending the state’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) waiver beyond the current school year. If the state loses its waiver, what will it mean to go from NCLB to a waiver and back again? If the state loses its… Read more »