Austin Frakt

Age Bands and Obamacare, Ctd.

“It’s not the age bands,” writes Harold. He’s right. It isn’t. I have no disagreement with what Harold wrote. However, I may be more open to additional modifications to community rating in the individual market if the Affordable Care Act’s current structure fails. I am not predicting failure. I am not supporting failure. I am… Read more »

It’s Not Just Obamacare. There’s a lot About Health Insurance Americans Don’t Understand

True, Americans don’t understand some fundamentally important details of Obamacare very well. But it’s not just Obamacare. They don’t understand lots of fundamentally important details of today’s health insurance products. Consider health savings accounts (HSAs). A recent survey for Fidelity Investments (PDF) found that a sample of American adults responsible for household health insurance decision-making… Read more »

Identifying “Good” and “Bad” Hospitals

A new paper in JAMA Internal Medicine by McCrum, Joynt, Orav, Gawande, and Jha delivers good news about hospital quality ratings. Of course, it’s wonky good news, so come with me into the weeds and I’ll explain. In an accompanying commentary Smith and Shannon begin with Los Angeles County’s experience with publicly reported restaurant quality… Read more »

Why Obamacare Needs 2.7 Million Young People

Sarah Kliff and Ezra Klein wrote, How many younger people are needed each year to hold down premiums depends on how many people sign up for the marketplaces. If the total this year is 7 million people, then about 2.7 million need to be in the 18-to-35 set. I’ve heard this need for 2.7M young… Read more »