Ben Adler

The Higher Ed Lobby: A Glossary

N onprofit colleges and universities are represented in Washington by an alphabet soup of organized associations, the most important of which comprise the “Big Six.” The largest and most powerful is the American Council on Education. The other members are the Association of American Universities, an exclusive group of top research institutions that allows new… Read more »

L. Ron-dezvous

he turn-of-the-century townhouse off Washingtons Dupont Circle, partially hidden by trees, that once housed the office of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, is so unassuming you could easily miss it. A small sign on the lawn is the only indication that 1812 19th Street NW is actually a museum dedicated to the history of Scientologythe religion that… Read more »

Inside the Higher Ed Lobby

n 2003, Ted Kennedy tried to nudge Americas colleges and universities toward changing two of the least defensible practices in the modern admissions process. The first is legacy preferences, in which schools heavily favor applications from the children of alumni, often ahead of students with stronger academic resumes but less-well-connected parents. The second practice, early… Read more »