Ben Florsheim

Ron Fournier, Omniscient Gentleman

Ron Fournier announced this week that Millennials, those scamps, hate politics and will not be getting involved in it. This may come as a surprise to Millennials, especially those of us who, like me, are already involved in politics, but no matter. Fournier hath spoken. The proclamation was issued in The Atlantic, home to those… Read more »

Dan Malloy’s Connecticut Experiment

Dan Malloy, on the campaign trail In this era of activist state governance, the term “laboratories of democracy” has been used to describe the rapid policy changes occurring as statehouses have shifted in control over the last few years. Almost exclusively, these have been conservative changes, as crusading right-wing majorities have tackled long agendas: slashing… Read more »

Tesla’s True Accomplishment: Building a Great Car

The internet was abuzz this week with the news that the Tesla Model S electric car was rated the safest production automobile ever tested by the government, performing off the standard five-star scale for various safety categories. This is big news – but why? Matt Yglesias notes that because it’s a mass-market electric car, “anything… Read more »