Ben Jacobs

Strange Advice for Romney

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post has advice for how Mitt Romney can turn his struggling campaign around. Apparently Romney isn’t talking too long to weigh in on major issues and not using the right surrogates. She suggests he needs “John Bolton on foreign policy. New Gingrich on radical jihadism. Paul Ryan on anything. John… Read more »

Elizabeth Warren’s Indian Roots Explored

It seems Elizabeth Warren is really an Indian after all. The Boston Globe did a deep dive into Warren’s heritage and found a number of relatives who confirmed that the Senate candidate has distant family ties to the Cherokee and Delaware tribes. It was revealed in April that Warren had been listed as a minority… Read more »

The Middle East Wins The Morning

Between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appearance on Meet The Press, warning of the Iranian nuclear program, the continued turmoil in the Middle East in the wake of the embassy attacks last week and a spectacularly off-key column by Maureen Dowd, the morning shows were dominated by the Middle East this morning, which incidentally happens… Read more »

Washington Post Stirs Up SuperPAC Fears

The Washington Post ran a breathless piece yesterday with the headline “Conservative super PACs targeting blue-state Democrats.” It asserts that flush with money, right-wing money is going to normally safe Democratic districts shifting the balance. The example provided in the article is Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney who “might normally be a shoo-in for reelection in… Read more »

A New Way To Turn Out The Youth Vote?

Hundreds of thousands of applicants to the Cal State University system will be sent a letter telling them that their chances of admission are dependent on the passage of a referendum on the ballot in November. According to the letter, if Proposition 30, which would raise sales taxes and income taxes on the wealthy does… Read more »