Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. His work has been published in New York, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and numerous other publications.

Washington Post Stirs Up SuperPAC Fears

The Washington Post ran a breathless piece yesterday with the headline “Conservative super PACs targeting blue-state Democrats.” It asserts that flush with money, right-wing money is going to normally safe Democratic districts shifting the balance. The example provided in the article is Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney who “might normally be a shoo-in for reelection in… Read more »

A New Way To Turn Out The Youth Vote?

Hundreds of thousands of applicants to the Cal State University system will be sent a letter telling them that their chances of admission are dependent on the passage of a referendum on the ballot in November. According to the letter, if Proposition 30, which would raise sales taxes and income taxes on the wealthy does… Read more »

Romney Death Spiral Beginning?

Although I speculated about issues that Mitt Romney might face in a close election in my last post, right now things aren’t looking too close. Nate Silver, over at 538, gives Obama a 76% chance of winning the election and voters viewing Democrats as the better choice both for the economy and foreign policy, things… Read more »

Romney Already Paying Price For Hard Line On Paulites

At the RNC in Tampa, the Romney campaign forced through rules changes to make it more difficult for anti-establishment candidates like Ron Paul in the future and kept Paul from being formally nominated from the floor. This avoided a lot of stir at that time. After all, it meant that an extended floor vote and… Read more »

How To Lose The Moral High Ground On Voter ID

Democrats have successfully gained the moral high ground in the fight on voter ID. Oft-cited examples of voter ID fraud have been disproven and partisan attempts to purge voter rolls in states like Iowa have been successfully combated. Even in states where voter ID laws seem like to be enforced in November, Democrats have already… Read more »