Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. His work has been published in New York, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and numerous other publications.

GOP Sticking To Its Guns On Delegates

Five states were penalized by the Republican Party for holding their presidential primaries earlier than party rules allowed. These states (New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan and Arizona) were stripped of half of their delegates to the Republican National Convention. This not only reduced their relative clout in the nominating process but also meant those… Read more »

A Scrutiny Free Campaign

Mitt Romney has long been enveloped in “the Mittness Protection Program” and it has been difficult for reporters following him to even ask a question (both in the United States and at “

Pennsylvania Makes It Even Harder To Vote

Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of attention recently for its new restrictive voter ID law which was just affirmed by a state judge this week. However, that’s not the only barrier to voting that the Keystone State has imposed recently. On Wednesday, Pennsylvania suddenly reversed course on implementing a system that allows voters to register… Read more »

Further Bad News For Southern Democrats

Louisiana has six seats in the US House of Representatives. According to Ballot Access News, there will be Republican candidates running in all six districts, Libertarians running in five and Democrats in only three. This marks a humiliating decline for Democrats in a state that did not have a single Republican senator for the entire… Read more »

Obama And His Judges (Or Lack Thereof)

The New York Times has a front page article this morning about the Obama Administration’s failure to fill judicial vacancies, especially in comparison to previous administrations. This has long been a subject of griping among many on the left as seeming negligence or oversight on the part of the White House. It’s revealed today to… Read more »