Ben Miller

Beyond Access: How Texas and California Are Accommodating Increased Hispanic College Enrollment

Adapting campuses, classes, and processes to better serve Hispanic students will be a crucial step toward meeting national attainment goals, a new report from New America’s Education Policy Program finds. Since fall 2000, the number of Hispanic students in public colleges has effectively doubled.  However, due to a Congressional ban on a student-level data system,… Read more »

The Strange History of the Student Borrower Defenses Provision

The only thing growing faster than the cost of college is the number of former Corinthian College students refusing to pay their debts. What started as a 15 person strike has now grown to approximately 100 people. The protest is raising important big-picture questions of what role the U.S. Department of Education should play in… Read more »

Why Direct Lending Allowed for a Student Aid Bill of Rights

Ending the bank-based federal student loan system in 2010 was all about cost savings. Taking subsidies banks received to make loans and putting them toward increasing the maximum Pell Grant award was a sensible policy. And students would be unaffected because they could always borrow straight from the U.S. Department of Education. But the White House announcement today… Read more »

Welcome Changes and Remaining Questions in the ECMC-Corinthian Deal

About eight months after the implosion began, a significant chunk of Corinthian Colleges is officially in new hands.  Yesterday, the company formally closed the sale of 53 Everest and Wyotech campuses to the Educational Credit Management Corporation, or ECMC–a student loan guaranty agency and debt collector based in Minnesota. The schools will still use the Everest and Wyotech brands… Read more »

No, Libertarians, Community Colleges Are Not a Bad Investment Choice

We’re still a few weeks away from Punxsutawney Phil’s time to shine, but it’s already Groundhog Day on the Washington Post’s Post Everything blog thanks to Cato’s Neal McCluskey. His déjà vu moment: A critique of the President’s proposal for free community college grounded in warmed over lobbyist talking points about how for-profit colleges serve… Read more »