Benjamin Wallace-Wells

Down From the Mountain

As messianic causes go, this one was a little fuzzy. Real-estate discrimination in Chicago in 1966 was a tough and floating target. It wasn’t enshrined in law, but was established by thousands of individual decisions made by brokers and landlords not to rent or loan, by slumlords and city inspectors not to fix, and by… Read more »

Kos Call

I hate Washington,” says Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. Many people, of course, say that they hate Washington. Jay Leno says so. So do Rush Limbaugh and Monica Lewinsky. But Moulitsas, who is the world’s biggest political blogger, says it differently, with a freshly arrived-at and deeply felt zeal, as if he himself has discovered the place… Read more »


KOS CORRECTION… After we put up an online link yesterday to a profile I wrote of the blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos, Moulitsas put up a pair of posts on his blog saying he’d found some errors in the piece. I spent much of today reconnecting with sources to seek clarification and looking… Read more »

War Torn….

War Torn…. The New Republic’s Mike Crowley, who’s one of the most dogged and interesting reporters in Washington, has what must be a grit-your-teeth kind of gig. Being any kind of liberal reporter in DC over the last few years has been depressing enough, but Crowley’s got it worse than most of us: He’s got… Read more »

Getting Ahead in the GOP

Rep. Patrick McHenry, 29-years old and a freshman Republican Congressman, is sitting calmly in front of an “ABC World News Tonight” camera, his prematurely grey hair parted on the side and pulled thick over his scalp. He is waiting for the show to begin. It is mid-July and a particularly perilous political moment. The House… Read more »