Benjamin Wallace-Wells

The case against the case against historically black colleges

The case against the case against historically black colleges?.There?s been a bit of discussion in the blogosphere recently about the very low graduation rates at historically black colleges, prompted by a New York Times story (?Little Noticed Crisis at Black Colleges?) printed on August 3. The Times? reporter, Samuel G. Freedman, worried that these schools… Read more »

How to get ahead

How to get ahead….There’s an interesting story that’s generating a little bit of discussion in Washington but doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent elsewhere. Here’s the nub of it: Freshman Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) made phone calls to at least two North Carolina College Republicans asking them to change their votes in… Read more »

Alaska, GOP Welfare State

The people of Tatitlik have had a spectacularly unlucky history. In 1964, much of the population was relocated from the nearby village of Chenaga, which had been destroyed by the Great Alaska Earthquake. (Chenaga sat on what turned out to be the epicenter of the 9.2 Richter quake, the most powerful recorded tremor in North… Read more »

Reverse Engineering

“In 1929, after years of preparation, Ford opened to the public a large tourist park and museum built on 252 acres in Dearborn,” writes Steven Watts in his admirable new biography. “Visitors could inspect a display of Americana–antiques of every imaginable variety–painstakingly collected by Ford’s agents. In the enclosed buildings of the Henry Ford Museum,… Read more »

Off Track

But there was something else I noticed: Whereas a decade ago the most creative, groundbreaking stuff came from Silicon Valley, now it all seemed to come from overseas. The plasma televisions were from Korea; the computer-like cell phones were from Finland; the feature-packed digital cameras were from Japan. During the last six months, we have… Read more »