Bill Gardner

Why Is the Country So Deeply Divide Over Obamacare Implementation?

The US has split over whether to implement the Medicaid expansion in the Affordable Care Act. The dark blue states are expanding Medicaid. Let’s imagine they were a country — call it Liberalia. Liberalia had an estimated 146 million people in 2012. The remaining states have either rejected the expansion or are still debating it…. Read more »

Talking About Obamacare: Does Policy Debate Matter?

American politicians have debated the Affordable Care Act since it was introduced to Congress in 2009. Have these debates affected what citizens think about the ACA? Daniel Hopkins can’t find evidence that those myriads of words mattered. So, health policy bloggers: If Reid, Boehner, and McConnell can’t sway public opinion, despite the audiences they command,… Read more »

The Burden of Mental Illness in the United States

From today’s New England Journal of Medicine, a report from Christopher Murray and colleagues summarizing the disability and loss of life attributable to diseases across the world. Murray and colleagues have a table summarizing these data for the United States in 2010. There is a widespread but mistaken belief that mental illness affects your happiness,… Read more »

Inequality of Opportunity Begins at Birth

Equality of opportunity means that we are not a caste society. Who we will become is not fixed by the circumstances of our births. Some children will do better than others, but this should result from a fair competition. Nearly every American politician espouses a commitment to equality of opportunity. For example, Majority Leader Eric… Read more »

Laid Off Dads, Laid Off Moms, and Child Abuse

What happens to children when their parents lose their jobs? My intuition is that job losses stress families and put children at increased risk of child abuse. But Jason Lindo, Jessamyn Schaller, and Benjamin Hansen have surprising data saying that the answer is more interesting than that. Previous data suggested that my intuition was wrong… Read more »