Brad Plumer

I Actually Voted for Phase-Out Before…

I ACTUALLY VOTED FOR PHASE-OUT BEFORE….Sam Rosenfeld reports that 50 Senate Republicans just voted in favor of “steep benefit cuts” and/or a “massive increase in debt.” Nicely done, all of you! I wonder, though, why Craig Thomas and especially Lincoln Chaffee (who’s up for reelection next year; maybe he’s tired of politics) both voted for… Read more »

Investigate DeLay?

INVESTIGATE DELAY?….In the National Review today, Eric Pfeiffer is pushing yet another round of “advice” for liberals: If Pelosi continues to push for an investigation of DeLay it will backfire on her and Democrats. Aw, and no doubt he has the Democrats’ best interests at heart! Pfeiffer’s argument, though, is that Democrats have also been… Read more »

Judicial Term Limits

JUDICIAL TERM LIMITS….Since courts and judges are obviously going to be on the debate agenda over the next few weeks (wonder why?), let’s talk courts and judges. Gary Becker wants term limits for the judiciary: [T]he average tenure of a Supreme Court Justice has increased from about 16 years to almost 26 years, and the… Read more »

Sideline This

SIDELINE THIS….The Washington Post today has one of the more uplifting articles I’ve read all week. It looks like seniors aren’t willing to sit on the sidelines in the Social Security debate, where, you know, George Will thinks they belong: By and large, the elderly do understand the president has promised not to touch their… Read more »

“Rogue States”

“ROGUE STATES”….In the post below, I used the term “rogue state” somewhat unthinkingly, and several commenters called me on it. I confess: it was sloppy writing, and normally I try to avoid the phrase. And since I don’t think I’m the first person to use the term loosely, it’s probably worth clearing up. Wikipedia has… Read more »