Brendan Doherty

The Next Four Years of Presidential Fundraising

With so much focus on President Obama’s record-breaking first-term fundraising efforts, what are the next four years of presidential fundraising likely to bring? If Mitt Romney were to win the White House and our campaign finance rules remained the same, he would likely follow in the footsteps of the past four presidents, with substantial dedication… Read more »

President Obama’s Disproportionate Battleground State Focus Started Early, Echoed Predecessors’ Actions

As President Obama prepares to make campaign stops in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida this week, the logic driving his choice of destinations is clear.  With 18, 13, and 29 Electoral College votes, respectively, the outcome of the elections in these three battleground states this fall could easily be the key to determining who will sit… Read more »

President Obama’s Record Breaking Fundraising an Unintended Consequence of Campaign Finance Rules

When President Obama headlined his 194th fundraiser for the Obama Victory Fund on Friday, he had already held more fundraisers for his reelection campaign committee and the Democratic National Committee in his third and fourth years in office than his past four predecessors in the Oval Office combined. But while much media attention has focused… Read more »