Bruce Clark

Angst on the Aegean

Crises can force even the most dysfunctional governments to change—and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou aims to prove it.

Cabal TV

The Washington “experts” who shape public opinion have private clients and hidden agendas.

Franklin, my dear…

Even by the norms of the British upper class, Churchill’s parents were neglectful. His politician father, Lord Randolph Churchill, treated Winston with cruelty and sarcasm when he noticed his son at all. His American mother Jennie was a glamorous society lady who shone–in Winston’s own poignant words–“like the evening star,” brightly but from a great… Read more »

Betting on Boris

It was a strange friendship; and regardless of the individuals involved, it would have been a strange diplomatic relationship. Post-Soviet Russia needed America’s financial help to reenergize its ruined economy. But that did not give America total leverage over its old enemy. As Russian officials knew, it would not be in America’s interest to see… Read more »