Bruce Reed

Bruce Reed on Washington’s warring subcultures

In early 2004, the real-estate-fueled economy was chugging along, Iraq had yet to collapse into sectarian war, FEMAs post-Katrina failures were still a glimmer in Michael Browns eye, and most liberals thought the biggest problem with the Bush administration was its politicsnot its ability to get the job done. But veteran Democratic policy adviser Bruce… Read more »

They Might Be Giants

Except for American troops, whose heroism has spanned the generations, our time does not stack up well by comparison. By May 1945, the United States had rallied the world to crush fascist totalitarianism and was hosting 50 allied nations to charter the United Nations. By February 2005, by contrast, the United States had splintered the… Read more »

Abortion Rally

After sharing the Mall with a million choice supporters yesterday, I don’t see how anyone could say that our side lacks religious fervor. People made pilgrimages from thousands of miles to stand up for their convictions, flocking to the capital of compassionate conservatism to demand more compassion from their leaders. At the same time, I… Read more »

Bush’s War Against Wonks

After two decades in Washington as a wonk working among hacks, I have come to the conclusion that the gap between Republicans and Democrats is as nothing compared to the one between these two tribes. We wonks think we’re smarter than hacks. Hacks think that if being smart makes someone a wonk, they’d rather be… Read more »

Out of Change

Back then, the Bush campaign worked overtime to tout Bush’s reform credentials. He promised to transform the education system, modernize Social Security and Medicare, and change the way Republicans treat the poor. Bush aides talked admiringly of Bill Clinton’s “Third Way,” and promised a compassionate, conservative “Fourth Way” of their own. Maybe they meant to… Read more »