Chad Stanton

“Lesser Schools” and My Experience as a Black Texas Ex

Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin is in the Supreme Court again. The lawsuit centers on whether or not “less qualified” students were admitted to The University of Texas at Austin, at the expense of Abigail Fisher, due to their race. The case targets the black population at the school. Despite the fact… Read more »

Why “No New Taxes” Guarantees There Are More Fergusons

The Department of Justice’s report on the practices of the city of Ferguson shows that the city adopted a predatory mindset when it came to its relationship with its black residents. White supremacy in America has always been a vehicle for transferring resources from typically poor black communities to richer white communities. Slavery was a… Read more »

Arguing that Education Funding is Unnecessary and that the “Culture of Poverty” is Due to a Lack of Education

“There really shouldn’t be public schools, should there?” This assertion posed in the form of a question from by Fox News host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery hints at the true position of an education reform movement pursued with special vigor by the GOP. It’s a movement bent on altering an education system that has served the… Read more »

Netanyahu’s Strategy Makes No Sense

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to the joint session of Congress is controversial, and it may undermine the bipartisan support his nation enjoys here in the States. Considering the obvious risks, what is Netanyahu’s end-goal and how will his actions lead him there? Given his willingness to damage U.S.-Israeli relations, even to the point… Read more »

After Coates, It’s Time for Nation to Do the Right Thing

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent cover story in The Atlantic gives thinkers a lot to digest. In its scope and depth, there’s much to grapple with, but what jumped out to me was the challenge to the narrative of respectability politics. This strain of thinking is persistently popular and has been advanced as the cure to the… Read more »