Chad Stanton

Summertime Food Assistance: Only Rural Kids Need Apply

Josh Marshall recently highlighted Republican efforts to limit food aid for the summer to rural children only. Let me say that once again for emphasis: “limit food aid…to rural children only.” Much has been made of how gerrymandering has allowed Republicans to choose their voters and become the party of older, rural white people. This… Read more »

Will Common Core Turn Your Children Gay?

Homophobes have always been obsessed with the idea that LGBTQ people “turn” otherwise heterosexual people “gay.” The latest high profile case involves Florida State Rep. Charles Van Zant. In railing against the menace that is Common Core, Rep. Van Zant stated: VAN ZANT: These people, that will now receive $220 million from the state of… Read more »

Self Destruction, We’re Headed For Self Destruction

Way back in 1980’s when people were convinced that the biggest peril facing the United States other than communism was urban violence there was something of a cottage industry surrounding the examination of the culture and pathologies that lead to such “counterproductive” behavior. Eventually rappers took it upon themselves to begin releasing music that urged… Read more »

We’re Here Too

Bob Moser at The American Prospect recently wrote about the continued befuddlement of otherwise clear-eyed liberals in relation to the American South. He cites Obama’s three electoral wins in southern states as proof of undue nihilism in regard to liberalism’s ability to sway folks below the Mason-Dixon line in the past. We now may be… Read more »